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We have been part of cellphones and repairs industry for a while, and we understand the differences of customer’s needs. As being professional in our work we make sure we provide all of our customers complete information, so if they need to make a better decision for purchasing or repairing their device. Our goal is to make our customers feel comfortable while shopping with us. We encourage our customers to share their experience with us and others so we can learn more other and better ways to provide quality of service. our customer service staff member is ready to help you by an email, sms, facebook, instagtam,twitter or simply a phone call. We value every small detail that can provide a better customer service so we can be remembered and recommended.


commited to quality


We believe quality of work should never be compromised
for good and low prices . No matter what brand of phone we
repair, our instant repairs are guaranteed and the products
you’re looking for we guarantee reliability . We want you to
feel confident that your purchase or repair is of the highest
caliber. This is why we offer 30 days warranty on all of our
parts and labor.

satisfaction gauranteed


While shopping with us we want our customers to be
completely satisfied with the purchase, regardless of
buying a brand new device or used/refurbished either one comes with our in store or online 30 days exchange warranty . If you have questions about us, our products, or even service get in touch via email sms or simply calling us we are here to help. We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come.


Comprehensive Device Repair

Water Damage Repair


Broken Screen Repair


Charging Port Repair

device broken

Microsoldering Repair


Back Panel Repair


Battery Replacement

dedicated repairing services

We offer dedicated Repair section in which you can view your phone repairing process live because we deliver only quality. We are expert in types of device repairing such as Apple Watches, tablets, laptops and desktops, We do hardware and software too. We pickup your device from the home and drop it back also!

electronic technician repair damaged smartphone in LR4RJ2B